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Heartworm Testing

Heartworm Testing

Did you know that heartworms have been diagnosed in all 50 states? Heartworms are transmitted from infected mosquitoes to both dogs and cats. Mosquitoes are especially prevalent in the Jackson, Mississippi area due to our warm climate. The caring veterinarians at Briarwood Animal Hospital have the expertise and tools to prevent, diagnose, and treat heartworm disease in your precious pet.

It is always important to remember that prevention of heartworm disease is always more effective and less expensive than treating heartworm disease once it has developed. However, if your pet has missed receiving heartworm preventative, or if you are unsure if they have been tested before, our doctors can perform a blood test to determine whether your pet may be infected. The test measures a protein known as an antigen that is normally present in dogs infected with adult heartworms.

Once our doctors have determined your companion’s heartworm status, they will recommend a heartworm preventative that is right for your pet. Heartworm preventatives at our hospital include products that are applied topically to the skin, oral products, or an injectable preventative. Heartworm prevention should be administered year round because the Jackson area climate is normally warm enough to support active mosquitoes, even during the winter months. All medications at Briarwood Animal Hospital have been carefully selected by our veterinarians based on their safety and effectiveness. If your pet is heartworm positive, our hospital is able to help treat the adult heartworms. This process, along with other options, can be discussed with you during your visit.

Heartworm disease is extremely serious because it can cause great harm and even death to dogs and cats. Please call one of our caring staff members at Briarwood Animal Hospital to set an appointment for you and your precious pet to learn more about heartworm disease and prevention.

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