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One of the more common reasons people bring their pets to the veterinarians at Briarwood Animal Hospital is itchy skin associated with allergies. Like people, there may be a number of articles in the environment such as grass, dust, and pollen that cause our pets to have an allergic reaction. Skin issues can be triggered by flea bites or food allergies. Regardless of the cause, the experienced veterinarians at Briarwood can identify and treat the discomfort associated with allergic reactions.

One of the favored allergy treatments at Briarwood is known as immunotherapy. You may have heard the term “allergy shots” for people, and the concept of immunotherapy is similar for pets. First, our knowledgeable doctors must test your pet for allergies in order to know what items can cause a reaction. Once the determination is made, a serum is created specifically for your pet. The serum contains extremely small amounts of the allergens that cause your pet to react. The serum is then gently administered under the tongue of the pet in amounts that will be increased over time. This therapy utilizes the immune system of the pet to fight against the allergens, rather than administering steroids or medications long-term. When you think of cutting-edge veterinary medicine, think of Briarwood Animal Hospital. Our caring veterinarians have cared for countless allergic pets in the Jackson, Brandon, Flowood, and Madison areas. Our veterinarians will be there for the life of your pet as well. If you feel your pet may be suffering from an allergic condition, call one of our caring team members at 601-956-5030 to meet with one of the doctors at Briarwood.

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